The Big Move

For those of you that have known me for a while, you probably know me as that “professor guy from NSU”.

Some of you may have actually noticed that this blog hasn’t been updated in QUITE a while (ahem..Green).

Well, for those of you that don’t keep up with my life on a daily basis (and given the fact that I am not a Kardashian, I assume that is most of humanity), I have moved to the University of North Texas in Denton, TX.  It is an exciting move because it puts me at a Carnegie Tier 1 research institution, but it is also a little daunting because my three years of being the Chair of the Department of Information Systems and Cybersecurity at NSU has dulled my research brains (let’s face it…if you don’t use it…you DO lose it).

However, thanks to the help from some great colleagues, students, former students, and numerous others, I finally feel like I am getting back into the swing of things.  I have truly been blessed to have been surrounded by such wonderful people.

So, if you don’t mind it too much, I would like to take a departure from the usual content of this blog to spend some time reflecting on the past year starting with the reasons that I made the move to Texas, moving through the adjustment process to a new state and university, and then finishing up with how things are going now.

After that, I will return to our regularly scheduled programming.  Also, you may all officially start referring to me as “that professor guy from UNT”.



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