Why Go Anywhere? Great Salaries, More Perks, Great Companies, in South Florida!

Recently, Marcia Pounds from the Sun Sentinel interviewed some of the panelists at our most recent SFTA event about the employment environment here in South Florida (the full article can be found here). in conjunction with data from an annual survey released Friday by longtime SFTA sponsor ProTech Staffing the panelists confirmed what I have been seeing for quite some time.  South Florida is a hot place to find a job!

I’m not just saying this from the perspective of temperature (although it’s only the third day of spring and temperatures are already in the high 80’s), but from the perspective that there are a lot of jobs here and competition for qualified employees is at a  high.  However, outside of the pay and perks, there is another thing that is making this area attractive to companies.  We have great companies here.

In my travels around the area as the SFTA President, I have noticed this is fairly common around our area.  We have a ton of great companies with great corporate cultures and happy employees.  These companies range from large, established companies such as Citrix Systems, to upstart entrepreneurial companies such as Yellow Pepper, MDLive, and Modernizing Medicine that have been growing tremendously over the past few years.

We at the SFTA are working to spread the word about this “well kept secret” about our tech economy.  Not just to the tech professionals, recent graduates, and students currently residing in South Florida, but to everyone around the nation and the world.  If you’re looking for a high paying career with great pay and benefits that just happens to be located in paradise, South Florida is the place for you!!


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