Top Reasons To Attend ITPalooza

Hello Everyone!

I’m writing today to tell you all about a great event that we are hosting here at the Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences called ITPalooza.  This is the second iteration of the annual technology education/holiday party fusion event and it promises to eclipse last year in all respects!

If you aren’t familiar with the event, you might be saying to yourself, “That’s great and all, but I wasn’t there last year so I can’t put any value in the fact that it will be better than last year.  What if last year’s event was attended by four people and had three slices of cold pizza for refreshments?”  Well, folks, I am writing this post to dispel that notion by giving you a glimpse of the awesomeness that was last year’s event and the top reasons to attend this year!

First a little history…..The event started as an crazy idea at a tech leaders dinner where someone said (and I paraphrase with much poetic license), “Wouldn’t it be cool to have an event where  all of the various tech groups would come together and have their annual holiday parties at the same place? ”  Well, Alex Funkhouser and Lenny Chesal then took this idea and (with the tireless efforts of a band of merry volunteers, the staff of Nova Southeastern University’s Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences, a bevy of talented local musicians, and countless others) pulled off the seemingly impossible task of making ITPalooza a reality in just a few months!

While the inaugural IT Palooza was unprecedented in the South Florida technology community, it was also an unprecedented success!  We had around 1,000 attendees, raised over $30,000 for local charities, and everyone had a great time!

So, how do we top that?  Easy!  We make it BIGGER and BETTER!  So, without further ado…Here are my top reasons for attending ITPalooza!

  1. You get to make a difference in your community.  What other tech event can you attend that puts a smile on a little girl’s face like this!
    ScreenHunter_111 Dec. 03 16.40
    Not to mention all of the smiles that you will help to put on kids faces this holiday season because of ITPalooza’s support for Toys For Tots!
    ScreenHunter_114 Dec. 03 16.44
  2. With over 1,500 of South Florida’s most influential IT Professionals in attendance, there are bound to be a few networking opportunities.
    ScreenHunter_115 Dec. 03 16.47
  3. The ITPalooza Band Rocks!!

  4. The chance to learn for FREE from the top IT Pros in South Florida!
    ScreenHunter_116 Dec. 03 16.48
  5. In addition to being a great networking and education opportunity, ITPalooza also offers a job fair featuring some of South Florida’s best employers!

Well, that’s my top reasons for you to attend ITPalooza this year.  I certainly hope to see you at the event at Nova Southeastern University on 12/12/13!


2 thoughts on “Top Reasons To Attend ITPalooza

  1. Here is another reason to attend ITPalooza. The FISG group from Jacksonville, Florida is bringing the Microsoft Technology Associate Test Fest to ITPalooza. Register to receive no-cost vouchers and free practice test. Get a certification at ITPalooza. How cool is that?

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