Why I am a Cubs Fan

I haven’t posted in quite a while for numerous reasons, but primarily because I have been swamped with getting a journal article out and reading my doctoral student’s dissertations in their various states of completeness.

So, since I kinda need a break and because another baseball season is almost upon us, I thought that I might write about something non-technology related and discuss my reasons for being a fan of the oft-hapless Chicago Cubs.

My love for the Cubbies began when I was about 8 or 9 years old…or about the time my family got cable television.  You see, as a young boy growing up in central Florida, we did not have any local major league teams.   The Rays and the Marlins were not yet in existence, so my only access to watch baseball before we got cable was to catch the game of the week that the major networks carried on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.  The only problem with that was that I was busy outside playing with my friends at that time, so I couldn’t catch it.  After cable though we were able to catch two teams at many times during the week.  The Braves on TBS and the Cubs on WGN.  Since I never really liked the powder blue uniforms the braves wore back then and since I didn’t really like the announcers for the Braves, I found myself watching WGN and a Cubs fan was born.

Through the years though, I began to find myself learning more about the Cubs and their history.  The curse of the goat, the homer in the Gloamin’, the Sandberg game, and the cast of characters that made up my favorite team (Harry included).  Sure, they were horrible most of the time, but they had character and they stuck together.  Not to mention, they were loved by the fans at Wrigley whom always seemed to pack the stands regardless of the time of day the game or how bad the record.  I thought to myself, this is what loyalty is.  How could you not want to be a part of that?

It’s more than loyalty though.  For Cubs fans are the hopelessly eternal optimists of the world.  I am sure that most of you baseball fans know that it has been quite a while since the Cubs won a world series (this season will be 105 years).  Yet, every year Cub fans greet baseball season with the feeling that, if the stars are aligned just right and we can catch a few breaks here and there, something magical might happen.

I guess that’s the real reason that I am a Cubs fan.  Let’s face it.  We live in a pretty cold world where people just don’t believe in anything magical anymore.  They love to tell you all the reasons you can’t or shouldn’t do something before you even try and their afraid to take a chance on something because it might not work out. I know it sounds stupid, but every year the Cubs give me a reason to keep hoping for the best.  They and their fans start the season with a type of optimism that (in my opinion) you just don’t find anymore. That magic does exist, fairy tales do come true, and that the impossible just might happen.  I often think of that commercial for the PS3 game that shows the Cubs winning it all.  That would be a glorious day indeed.   However, if something magical doesn’t happen this season, then there’s always the catch phrase of all Cubs fans…

Wait ’till next year. 🙂

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