Headed to Maui

I am writing this post on the flight to the Hawaiian International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICCS). As far as conferences go in my field, this one is pretty prestigious. In fact, I believe it is the number 2 ranked conference in the discipline. The fact that it is Maui doesn’t hurt though either! However, the 12 hours on an airplane, that’s a different story (see below).

I am presenting a paper that I wrote with a colleague from Colorado State University on the use of social media as a way to facilitate knowledge transfer in the Chamorro culture of Guam. This is a topic that is very dear to my co-author since she is a descendant of the Chamorro culture.

The Chamorro people are in danger of losing their language and teachings because the elders are not passing the lessons down to the next generations. We examined how the Chamorro were using social media to try to preserve the culture through sharing information on the sites.

I will send some updates throughout the week. Aloha!



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