Workshop on Information Security and Privacy

I recently presented a paper at the Workshop on Information Security and Privacy (WISP) in Orlando, FL.  WISP is an official auxiliary meeting to the International Conference on Information Systems.

I have to say the conference was very good and it was nice to see all of the different research being done in the area of security.  My paper focused in on security education, training, and awareness programs (SETA).  In brief, it argued that current programs focus more on education and pay little attention to making people aware of their environments so that they can make appropriate security decisions based on those environments.

We had a keynote speaker from the US Naval Academy that really opened our eyes to how vulnerable we are to cyber attacks.  It also featured a great lunch (best conference lunch EVER) sponsored by a company named ProctorU.  This company essentially proctors online students taking exams by watching them through their webcams.

I have attached some of the pictures of the event below courtesy of one of the conference organizers, Dr. Yair Levy.

Parrish_Wisp Parrish_Wisp2 Parrish_Wisp3


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