Imagine Cup Mixers

You may know from my last post that we had a few Imagine Cup mixers on our campus.  The mixers were designed to get students interested about the Imagine Cup and to help students with great ideas find the students with the technical knowledge to make them happen and vice versa.

Students mingling with faculty at our Imagine Cup mixer event

Students discussing project ideas with other students and faculty.

All in all, we had about 7-10 new student teams come up and express interest in participating in this year’s competition.  Some of the students had some really great ideas! In fact, one student with a background in finance showed up with an idea to advance investment knowledge in developing countries and we were able to match him with a student that had programming knowledge.

That is what these mixers are all about.  Techies don’t have a corner on the “saving the world” market.  Good ideas can come from anywhere and from anyone.  The Imagine Cup is a great way to showcase them and I am looking forward to working with these students to bring them to reality.

Students discussing their projects

Students discussing their projects



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